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Thread: A week away in Scotland

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    A week away in Scotland

    Finally managed to get away for a long over due break and with it being half term it was good to be off with Seb .
    I managed to get a pass off for one day to visit JAYBs ground to see if I could intercept an early season buck.
    We had the added bonus of arranging to meet up Tartan Jock who was on leave and had been on the ground before.
    The night before we were to stalk the ground Jayb gave me directions so all set.
    Stu arrived promptly at 4:30, the drive from where we staying was about and hour so off we went little did we know Seb in his early morning rush left is pyjamas on as added layers he said!!.
    We arrived in Ardgay and missed the sign which we should have taken after driving round and the light just starting show and totally unsure where the ground was the decision was taken to drive to Johns and see if there was any life and get help.
    John turns up at the front door in a very fetching dressing gown and with a smile he very kindly put us straight.
    When we got to the ground Stu explained what he could remember and that was very useful.
    The road splits the ground well allowing for two to stalk safely one above the road taking the fence line the other below using the high seat which looks on four rides and a sun trap.
    Seb and I made our way to the high seat and waited for an hour before moving on.
    Half way up the boundary ride two rides split and I spotted a young Sika stag minding his own business at about 30 yards we watched him and I’m sure he was not alone and just let him make his way off.
    Coming down the road to stalk the very bottom we counted at about 200 yards, crossing the road 7/8 red stags looking well.
    We then had a brew with Stu who had seen deer on the fence line which we were to stalk next.
    Turning the very far corner on some open ground at 150 yards were a very nice Roe buck and Doe, we crawled up the fence line following them until the dead ground covered us hoping they might pop back onto the ground we were stalking but the golden rule always look back behind us another buck closer on the open ground and doe had come out but they spotted us game over.
    Both the bucks were clean and in good health.
    Another brew before the last stalk and then off we sat in the high seat and it was a sun trap. The signs of browsing and bark stripping was every where and foil fresh’s and old every where you looked.
    We heard a crack then the call. Stu had connected with a nice young buck and time was running out for us so we were to draw a blank.
    But that didn’t matter the signs and deer were there and it was good to meet Stu.
    A good day was had by all.
    For the remainder of the time we have spent trying to get some photos and explore the wonderful Glens Strath-conon, Strath-farra and Glen Cannich.
    Caught some Brown loch trout and sea-trout on the hide tide.
    We were kindly invited to JayB and Sheila’s for a drink and some food which finished the week off nicely. Many thanks to you both for a lovely evening and look forward to seeing you again.

    Phil, Michelle, Seb

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    You did well that week with the weather, nicest all year to date. Been a bit dull since you went back down sout, glad you had a good week, if your up again, get in touch.

    All the Best


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    Well done Phil sounds like you had a great week,just seen the cracking photos that michelle took

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    Glad you enjoyed the day, even if it was an early start Shame you never managed to connect but at least you saw plenty, great for Seb if nothing else. It was good to see you all at a more reasonable time on Friday, not got around to the Sea Trout yet.

    Look forward to seeing you later in the year.

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