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Thread: EKA type swing blade

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    EKA type swing blade

    EKA or similar.

    I bought a swing blade off here not so long ago and gave it to a good friend as a gift. He loved the knife, made his life so much easier when dealing with beasts.
    Sunday he said he had bad news, someone broke into the barn and stole his chainsaw, petrol cutter and two knives, one was the one I gave him.
    He said out of everything that went he was more upset about the knives, one he had had for 40 years and had be every where with him and the other was the swing blade I gave him as a present.

    So, I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone have one in a draw somewhere that they don't use.
    It's was the one that swings over to give a curved blade of gutting and then back over to a traditional type.

    I paid 25 for the last one so if I can find one around the same money then please shout me.

    Thanks gents

    All the best


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    An EKA at 25 is a bit of a rare deal. Even the outdoor edge versions go for silly money.
    If you are looking for 2nd hand, it will probably be a waiting game.

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    It was the outdoor edge I gave him. It was off here for 25 not to many months ago. I just cou
    Dnt remember the name of it so cheers for that. I'm sure something will turn up.


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