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Thread: salt lick to attract roe deer

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    salt lick to attract roe deer

    Hi folks,

    I have been doing a bit of reseach (old posts on here and elsewhere) on using salt licks to draw in roe deer to a trail cam.

    Opinion seems to be very divided on whether they work at all, and when they do, how best to set them up.

    I'd be very grateful for any insights/suggestions from people that have recent experience.

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    I haven't had much luck with it, its probably down to placement really. I knocked up a deer feeder / salt lick combo...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'll follow the thread with interest too. Try and find out where im going wrong. Still the birds are getting a good feed out of it 1000's of images of magpies helping themselves....


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    Based on my reading, it seems that the nutrient status of the surrounding area has en effect: if they're getting what they need from their natural food, they won't be terribly interested. However, there doesn't seem to be much clarity on what sorts of habitat will lead to them being attracted to the blocks.

    I'm hoping that acid moorland will be fairly nutrient poor, so a block should work quitec well - but if anyone knows anything, I'd be very grateful.

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    I could send you any number of photos of successful salt licks and feeders for trail cams and with Fallow / roe and muntjac all using them amongst many other things. I would suggest the following for success:

    1. Select a location that is off a woodland ride and tucked quietly away, common sense really, but also where there are obvious deer trails. Deer want to feed where less likely to be disturbed
    2. In terms of the actual salt block, i would use one with aniseed in (Bushwear sell a good one, mine are still going strong over a year on) - the aniseed definitely helps. Also it is the rain washing the salt onto the post / trunk that the deer actually lick more often than not, so given its summer, you might want to buy some aniseed paste to give an extra little help
    3. Either put a 5ft stake into the ground or saw a trunk off at the 5ft / 6ft height and then drive a LARGE metal screw (10" - 12" minimum) into the top and sit your block on here
    4. Set your trail cam back a little way and watch the results start, you will need to be a little patient in the early daysClick image for larger version. 

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    I made a short video a few weeks ago....

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    Thanks folks - that's very useful.

    So the aniseed is most recommended for roe?

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    Here in Sweden its recomended that the salt lick is put near water. I put out a new lick the other day and the post it sits on is licked white by the moose.

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    Have had good results with the aniseed one from Bushwear, with both red and roe using it.


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    White Hart - I would hazard a view that your post is too exposed and the salt block is too low. Ideally you want it sitting on top of the post so that when it rains the dissolved salt runs down the post. Most of the time the deer lick the salt run off as it goes down the post, in the 1000's of trail cam photos i have it is rare that the deer are actually licking the block. Would definitely suggest the aniseed as it helps draw them in

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    Mungo - definitely go with aniseed, for the marginal extra quid its certainly worth it

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