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Thread: SD Ground, North of Inverness

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    SD Ground, North of Inverness

    Smithp18 (Phil) had been in touch as he was coming up this way with his family, so I mentioned that we should get a day out on the SD Ground, he wasn't sure as he would be with his beloved Michelle (Weather Witch) and Seb, their boy. Anyway, he got the pass for the day, (Thanks Michelle) so it was arranged with Phil and JAYB that we would go Wednesday.

    An early start 0330hours for me to collect them both, (Father and Son) from Rosemarkie, at 0430 so we would be up on the ground for 0530 for first light, well, we got there, but couldn't find it, , rough directions were given by JAYB to Phil, and I was there in December......Couldn't find it, we were in the rough area, but not close enough.

    The decision was made, not by me to go and wake JAYB up, we got to his house at 0557hrs, we were both debating "was this a good idea", anyway, Phil went and rang the bell.

    Thankfully, JAYB, saw the funny side and gave us the directions and off we went. On the ground about an hour later than was hoped, but we were there.

    We decided to split up, thorough bounderies were given and shooting directions sorted and off we went with an agreed time to meet up again. We did this 3 times in total, we both saw plenty of deer and on the last 40 mins I got onto a young Buck, 2 years old, maby in his 3rd year, he was in full velvet.

    Unfortunatley, I was by myself so I never thought at the time to get a picture, but I had taken several throughout the day.

    There was plenty of Sika on the ground, Stags and Hinds, plenty of Roe also, although theye were not to be seen, just the tell tail signs of movement. Over the boundry there is a clearing that had plenty of deer on it, Red Stags and Sika Stags. I counted over 20. Thankfully, there are gaps in the fence that borders (Must be a Health and Safety escape route or something) so the Reds deer can transit through, I'd say the Sika and Roe are a permanent fixture there.

    It was a cracking day, the time spent with both Phil and Seb, was great, passing stories and just having a laugh. Seb never moaned once for the early start and I got a Buck to top it off.

    Thanks Phil for getting in touch, was nice to catch up again from meeting You, Michelle and Seb at the CLA in 2008.

    Here are some pics from the day.

    I'd recommend anyone from the SD Site, who fancies a day out, on good easier going ground, with plenty of deer to book a day or a week, what ever you can do.

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    A few more pics- I think we need to take Weather Witch up the next time to show how to take proper pictures, but hopefully you'll see what I mean with the ground.


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    You do realise that not only did you buggers wake me up, I now have to restock after you shot the buck

    Glad you enjoyed the day, looks nice there, I might go myself.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    The SD ground John as kindly opened up to the membership is very nice ground indeed and well worth the trip.
    I put my write up in Articles section A week away in Scotland. Sorry wrong place.
    If any body is interested and thinking of going you will not be disappointed.
    Good pics TJ I’m sure she will reply.

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    See its not just me gets lost

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    thats an exellent read and looks a very nice piece of ground as soon as i can sort out some time off i will definately book a few days with jayb, all the best

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    Hi Stu,

    Nice pics, would not mind going out next time, just don't fancy the 4.30 start!

    Good write up!



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