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Thread: Value rangefinders?

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    Value rangefinders?

    Has anyone any experience of value rangefinders and their accuracy and robustness in the field. Has anybody any recommendations ?

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    Purchased a Leica 1200 and then some letters after that.
    Good picture and I have measured the close distances and they are accurate.
    S/H they were 250
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    I use a Hawke LRF 600. It cost around 120 2-years or so ago. It doesn't enjoy the most clear of optics, but delivers distances in all weathers well and reliably enough for my purposes.

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    The leupold ones are very good value for money, I started off with a Bushnell one but now use a pair of binos with the range finder built in. They are a handy tool.

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    Leupold are excellent value

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    Mine was 80 maybe 5 yrs ago the optics are poor. Reviews and adverts never seem to mention the optics but if you cant see it, you cant range it.

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    I have a Bushnell unit. I have only used it for air rifle and rimfire work so I can't comment beyond 100yds or so. However, it has always been extremely accurate. Build quality is good and the optics are more than fit for purpose, even in poor light, if unexceptional compared to more expensive brands. I must confess I have no idea of cost these days as mine is probably 2 years old and was a gift from my father.

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    Best value reliable rangefinder is the old Leica like I have. Second hand prices are now reasonable and somewhere around 200 will get you a good unit. Mines the 1200 and will do meters and yards.

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    I have a VisionKing one that ranges out to around 800 yards pretty accurately. It cost around the 90 mark. Does me fine
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    I had a Bushnell pro was very happy only sold it as wished one with the angle- compensated bit ,was very happy with how the Bushnell performed

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