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Thread: Optilocks Sako 75 action III

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    Optilocks Sako 75 action III

    I'm after a set of Optilocks (rings and bases)for a .243 Sako 75 ation III, blued, 30mm low or medium must be in excellent condition with no chewed up screws thought I'd try here before having to buy new.
    Cheers Jase

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    I have a pair of blued 30mm low. Pm me your mobile or email and I'll send you a picture.


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    Cheers Andy, PM sent.

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    Still looking as the ones Andy offered me are the direct to rail type, I'm after the separate base and ring type, I'll give it a few more days then it looks like I'll have to buy new.

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    I've sent you a p.m. about a set I'll have available shortly that may suit.


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    Now sorted thanks to Alasdair

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