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Thread: Mud terians, huh!

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    Mud terians, huh!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	137.jpg 
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ID:	835In to the armpits yesterday evening....Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like some deep sh!t there mate, did you get out ok?

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    Looks like you should have peat bog terrains on . Is it still there or did you get a 90 defender to pull you out

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    had to leave it there last night, got a four wheel drive tractor to pull me out thin morn.. it had sunk a good bit further when we went back,
    the only thing that stopped it sinking out of sight was that there was a couple of old defenders already in that soft bit, I guess the owners reconed they just wern't worth toing out..
    need some back up crewcab drivers..

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    Why not just buy a nice new holland, or a john deer. saves all this "getting stuck" malarky. Tractors to the rescue!


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    [QUOTE=McStalk;94800] it had sunk a good bit further when we went back,

    That'll teach you for leaving it in the middle of the track....I drove over it on the way off the hill in my Isuzu ....

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    ahhhhhh that will explain the big tyre marks on the roof ,,,, by the way ,what where you doing on my hill and more importantly did you get anything... all i got was stuck.

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