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Thread: Tikka 690 lh stock

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    Tikka 690 lh stock

    Evening all,

    I know this a long shot, but does anybody have a left handed tikka 590 stock collecting dust in a cupboard they would like to part with. Due to my rifle bag strap snapping and hitting a concrete farm track it has snapped. I know i've got more chance of finding a pot of gold under a rainbow, but you don't know until you ask.

    Thanks Pete

    Its a M590 not 690
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    Sorry to hear this - and regret I cannot help as I sent mine to someone else who'd done something similar. What I would say is - bite the bullet and by a GRS - you won't regret it. Drop in inlet for 595 - beautiful thing to shoot.
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    see this thread sorry about your stock , can't help but will a mag m695 fit the m690 same for the stock as boyds have them ? sorry don't mean to but in

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    Thanks for the replys lads i've now got sorted

    Regards Pete

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