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    I was advised to have an ask on this forum about working teckels.

    I'm looking for a dog to replace my old patterdales who I have sadly lost.

    It will be a companion dog who will be used for vermin control.

    I like the look of these dogs and was wondering if anyone could give me any advise on their suitability. If so anyone who may have a suitable pup becoming available.


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    Just buried my spaniel 14 and a half breed her my self well not myself but I owned her mum feel your pain mate, but you need to do an introduction or you will be condemned on here can't offer advice about teckels sorry

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    Welcome to the site, as stated an introduction is necessary, you may well find that folk will be a bit more forthcoming then.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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