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Thread: Can Deer Swear?

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    Can Deer Swear?

    I had a pleasant little amble around some fields this evening as I thought there might be something moving in the late evening sun after a soggy start to the day. A herd of young heifers alerted two deer to my presence and I was treated to my usual view of deer - retreating backsides. They were two does, so I was content to watch. I sat out for a while watching and listening to the normal close of day noises until the local rude boys, aka midges, began to flex their muscles; so I decided to set off home. Standing up, I saw a tawny shape about 300 yards off and the binoculars confirmed the two does I'd seen earlier. So I gave myself the task of stalking them. I didn't take much care, they were down wind and behind a wall, so it didn't take much skill to get to the wall and peek over. 50 yards away and grazing happily, so I watched. One wasn't bothered, the other wasn't sure and kept looking at me, grazing a bit, scratching, flicking her head due to the midges. Eventually she was reassured by her companion's lack of interest and relaxed. I though I'd try and get a bit nearer, but moved just a bit too quickly. She was off like she was pulled by elastic, then turned and gave the longest bark I've heard.

    The rough translation was "Oh F******!"

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    Yes they can! A few years ago I was tasked with clearing half a dozen Canadas off my neighbour's pond. I planned an early morning approach and eventually ended up behind an oak tree with one more short bound to get me to the bank. I oozed round the trunk and found myself no more than 6 feet from the back end of a roe doe, head down nibbling some herbage. I froze and about 5 seconds later her head came up really slowly and rotated around over her left shoulder, until we were looking directly at each other. I actually said "morning" to her, at which point her pupils dilated and I get a very strong telepathic "B*LL**KS!" and she was off.

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    I think I know the very animal, she kept barking for what seemed like about 10 minutes when I was there last week. It was late on a very still night too and it set the neighbours dogs off!

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    Not sure if they can swear, but more than once just as I have been about to pull the trigger a beast has spotted me taken a step then frozen looked around as if to say I'm f@@@@d there is nowhere to go.

    I have ended up not pulling the trigger getting soft in my old age.

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    Happened last night. I got attacked by a buck. I was stalking along the furrow at the top of a barley crop. A doe came out of the wood beside me and started grazing 15 yards down the same furrow. A buck followed her out but I was trapped. They moved back into the wood. I got set up and gave a beep on the cherry whistle. All hell broke loose. A buck cam up the ditch six feet to my left, jumped up onto the bank, head down aiming directly at me, saw me, skid turned within six feet of me and over the ditch, I think both of us went, " Oh Sh**.

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    I thought I was about to be first on scene of an RTA just now. Fast wide bypass road with big verges either side. Fallow pricket appeared through the hedge already looking in a bit of a flap.
    I'm sure I could hear him going "S**t s**t s**t s**t" as he ran up and down the verge several times and then dived back through the hedge.
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