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Thread: Hydro dipping

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    Hydro dipping

    anybody had any experience with hydro dipping shotguns...? I have a 20 bore with plain wood that I was looking at getting dipped in a walnut finish...looking for some advise weather to go for it or not .....

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    Well after recently having my Hornet dipped i can say that yes i think you should go for it, had mine done in a Woodland Pattern with a Soft Touch finish and im really pleased with it so much so that im considering doing it to one of my other rifles in the near future as well, while i was in the Hydro Dippers having mine done i had a look at a Walnut finish that been recently done for someone else and i must say it looked very impressive in fact i think it looked too good but i think that was down to the varnish/glass type finish that they had applied, make sure whoever you use can dip the stock in one go if they have to dip one side then the other you will get 2 join lines one on top of the stock and one underneath also ask what finishes they can apply to it i found the varnish/glass type too slippery so went for the soft touch, Go for it i dont think you will be disappointed.

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