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Thread: Stalking Essentials....

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    Stalking Essentials....

    Made me smile:

    Now where the f**k did I put my yo-yo?

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    Interesting "Long bladed hunting knife" he has there. Game boy?! And I thought I take too much kit.
    "Even at the very bottom of the river, I didn't think to myself, Is this a hearty joke or the merest accident? I just thought, it's wet." - Eeyore

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    .. atleast he wont cut himself too badly with his bowie...
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    offfft thats a long blade he has there .....
    and if im not mistaken i beleve thats pokemon yellow he has there!!!

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    If thats the only knife he takes I'm not in the least suprised he needs a "rape whistle" in mississippi

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    im loveing the fact that his "fanny pack " is eletric blue. realy subtle

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