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Thread: Knives and hygiene

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    Knives and hygiene

    This post has been instigated by a posting from Pete E on another section of the forum

    Due to hygiene laws are we not supposed to use knives with plastic sheaths?

    How many of us have "EBAYED or retired" our favourite pigsticker that had a LEATHER sheath, in order to adhere to the law?

    Methinks NONE

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    Re: Knives and hygiene

    Quote Originally Posted by poddle

    Due to hygiene laws are we not supposed to use knives with plastic sheaths?
    where does it say that poddle ?

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    It was a statement made by Pete E I suppose that he assumed that leather sheaths could become impregnated with infection. I do see the logic in this theory

    Plastic (YUK) is of course far more washable than leather

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    I have not got rid of any of my knifes but my real work horse is a little Buck Knife with a gut hook, it has a plastic handle and sheeth and can all be hygenicly cleaned.


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    Re: Knives and hygiene

    Deleted by User

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    The dvd's demonstrating level 2 work that Ive seen basically show straight handled plastic knives being used and encouraged, simply because of cleaning purposes.
    A vet who inspects game dealers stated that we could even use a folding knife as long as it had been sterilised and placed into a clean sealable bag.

    If practices have changed then where did it come from?

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    Gerber Gator

    I also Use a Gerber Gator as a back up knife and it can be chucked in the dish washer as well and comes out spotless. You just need to remember to oil the joint after cleaning.


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    My fav knife has a wooden handle and i will continue to use it. I have one of those plastic handled frost knives which i'll use during my DSC2 evaluation but otherwise i'll use my fav.

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    Thanks for the post Pete E, I did not try to put words in your mouth, real sorry if that is what came across,
    but you did raise a very valid point, albeit in general conversation, and that's what prompted my posting
    I used to help out in a slaughter yard as a teenager, and all the knives there had plastic handles and sheaths.

    I have thought about this very subject many times when gutting stuff, and would love to see the question expanded and commented upon.

    I usually squirt by blade with dettol spray when I get home (after washing it), and then apply a light coat of oil, but the sheath, well thats still manky, as I cannot immerse it without messing up the leather, and this is where my mind questions the suitability of leather.
    It is not impervious and all sorts of disgusting germs could be lurking in the sheath.
    At the end of the day its all to do with food hygiene and I have never seen a butcher using leather products, in the same breath ya dont see leather toilet seats.
    Surely there is a cause for concern about cross contamination?

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