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Thread: A buck on a "STAG" doo

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    A buck on a "STAG" doo

    I had 3 grand lads out on Friday.
    2 lads shot bucks and "capped" they where.
    My client murphy (the stag) had a stalk of a lifetime and his first stalk at that to take an excellent buck in fine style to say his heart was in his throat and beating very fast.
    I see youve uploaded the photo in members mate but heres mine.

    not bad for a first head.

    Oh and good luck with your wedding.
    regards John.
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    stag do buck

    hi, john just like to thank you and your team for giving myself and the other two lads a day i will never forget, what a stalk and what a great 6 pointer, bucks fever more like bucks heart attack !!!! A great time had by all. Good to see you have a great write up in the yorkshire post, i'm planning my next trip to see you as soon as i return from the wedding, how many stalks can i have for a size 10 once worn wedding dress? you could always give it to mal as his new work out fit. Many thanks to you again john and team keep the great work up murphy

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    Roger that Murph!

    What a great time! Glad you got a Buck and what fine fella he was too!

    Many Thanks to John and his team, a truely professional setup, always willing to help and advise, words fail me i couldn't give them enough praise!

    I will deffinately be back up there asap, dunno about you though Murph! Once you get married and knock a kid out it'll be no more stalking for you bud!!

    Watch the classifieds for Murph's fire sale!! Everything must go!!

    I think John slipped up though, 1 more pint and you would have bought those Bino's!!!

    I think he was just too nice a bloke to take advantage!!

    Thanks again to all.


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    Wish my best man had sorted out something like that for me....I had to parade through Bournemouth town centre in a Borat thong.

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    i wont be stalking on my stag doo , but will be stalking red stags the morning of the wedding !!

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker68 View Post
    Wish my best man had sorted out something like that for me....I had to parade through Bournemouth town centre in a Borat thong.
    If i could have got a cammo one that's what Murph would have been wearing when he went out!!
    I dont think John would have been so keen with him then!!!

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