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Thread: New member from Hampshire

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    New member from Hampshire

    Hi folks,

    Long time lurker and new member here from Alton in Hampshire, happy to join you!

    I’ve been thinking for a long while now about getting involved with deer stalking and I decided its time to just get stuck in and stop my dithering hehe!

    I’ve been shooting for a long time, starting with clay pigeon shooting when I was around 11-12 years old. I’ve been doing this ever since, regularly shoot now and hold an SGC.

    I also started shooting target rifle when I was 13 (shooting small-bore .22 at 25 yards and full bore .308 out to 600 yards)and I've since joined my old schools rifle club as well and have been back shooting with them for a year or so now also shooting small and full bore, and very much enjoying it.

    I'm very interested in your views of where to go from here? For someone like me with no stalking experience would I be better getting in touch with available stalks through the forum, getting in touch with a larger arranged stalks, getting my DSC1 before I do anything else...?

    I know I have one heck of a lot to learn and it seems like there are many different ways to get involved in this sport so any and all advice is very much appreciated!

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Hello mate - welcome to the site. I'm not a million miles from you. Drop me a PM and I can give you a little advice on how to get started. J

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    Thank you kind sir!

    PM sent.

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    Hi there.
    I used Jelen near Stockbridge for my DSC1 as well as for a bit of stalking as I don't have any of my own ground. Would recommend them.
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    Thanks Hants! Appreciate the advice, I'll get in touch with them.

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