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Thread: New Member from Belgium living in London

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    New Member from Belgium living in London


    I am a passionate big game hunter and experienced stalker from Belgium. I have had the opportunity to shoot, all continental deers (Roe, Red and Fallow) as well as wild boar, chamois and mouflon.
    My favorite all round caliber is my 270 WSM which I shoot with a R93 Blaser, it's a bit heavy on roe deer but does a nice job otherwise on all types of shooting.
    I have been using other calibers ranging from 222 to 9.3X74R depending on the game setting and quarry but have done so as I inherited most of these weapons from my grandfather.
    I also have some experience with African hunting and large calibers such as 416 Rigby, 500 Nitro and 9.3x64 which I have used on Buffalo, Bongo, waterbuck and giant forest hogs.

    With regards to stalking in the UK, I am keen to find some roe deer stalking as par tof a syndicate around berkshire/oxfordshire and would be very enthusiastic about shooting a Sika deer.

    Voila for me and looking forward to meet you all


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    Welcome. I know some very good Belgian hunters. Hopefully you can find satisfying sport here too.

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    Bienvenue au forum Jean.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome Jean, I shot my first boar in January with a group of Belgian hunters in Alsace. They made me feel very welcome despite my appalling French. Hope you get your Sika.

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