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Thread: Long rang shot

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    Long rang shot

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    Well 3.5 meters from the base of the high seat.
    Theres been lots of talk of long range shooting and all the conterversy that goes with it.
    But what's the closest shots people have taken?

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    A fox from about 5 ft from the Land Rover whilst out lamping one night. Had a lot of trouble seeing what I was aiming at through the scope but he kindly stood there and waited for me to get sorted.
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    1ft, called a fox in while sitting in high grass.

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    Muntjac at about ten feet with a .275 after a cartoon chase round and round a big beech tree.

    Fox at about ten feet with a .300 Win Mag having called it from a couple of hundred yards away.

    Stoat at about six feet with a .243.

    A few moles at three or four feet with various deer rifles. (hundreds with a shotgun)

    I was thinking about writing an article on this subject just the other day.

    Muntjac at twenty to forty yards were my bread and butter when I was stalking.

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    I think this was around 2-3 meters from the base of the seat...

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    Small muntjac doe at 10m with .375h&h. Needless to say she went straight down.....
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    Fox so close I had to "Shotgun" it, (look down the side of the barrel).
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    Lamping a Fox at about 120yds and in the arc of the beam at my feet a cub came in and shot at what can only be called point blank.


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    My shortest intended shot was probably at a fox cocking his leg on the ladder at the base of a high seat I was sitting in. I needed to place the barrel of the rifle between my feet to take the shot. By the time I had turned the rifle around and got it inside the shooting rail he had wandered off.
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    Hi North Cornwall Deer,
    the closest shot that I can remember was at a weasel from two and a half metres.

    all the best,

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