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Thread: Are these bullet holes normal?

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    Are these bullet holes normal?

    Working on loads for my 308 at moment using 150grain soft points. The bullets are causing a lot of tearing of the paper when they hit (see pic). Just wondering if this is normal or could it be signs of unstable bulet?
    Same targets with 243 soft points just have cleanholes passing through.
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    Looks normal to me - you'll know a .308 keyhole when you see one - perhaps some heavier weight printer paper might help
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    The tearing is more to do with your backing bord try as already said a heavier paper and suspended target with no back board if possibe then take some square on pictures
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    its Your backing that is tearing up you target , try get a bit of conservatory plastic roof panel it will last far more time and will not damage you zero cards .

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    If you gently flatten out the ripped bits I expect you will find they will end up looking more like the one in the ten circle. My sheets start to look a bit like that when the end grain round I pin the target to gets a bit worse for wear. Also if the day is a bit damp the paper tears easily.

    If you are working up a load you might find this target useful, I modified the SD one with some extra circles and find it great for three or five rounds of various loads at each circle.

    If you print it at 100% the grid is good for one inch and therefore 100yards. My back garden target is 87metres so I print it at 95% which makes the grid good for 95 yards...


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