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Thread: 17HMR zero range

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    17HMR zero range

    new to this so was wondering what range would be best to zero it at , it will be rabits and crows, on foot so i gurss i want to be shooting at an average of 100 yards.

    i thoght if i zero At 110 it will give me perty much flat from 50 yards out to 150 , maby an inch hold over.

    where do you guys have yours zeroed and what sort of drop/over are you getting at these ranges


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    i have just spent 50 ( 17gr BT ) rounds on the range with the 17hmr. i have it zeroed at 60 yrds, i find it shoots spot on at 100yrds aswell. i wont be shooting at much over 100yrds and i have not tested it any further than this. its a nice little round but it is still a little round that is susceptable to wind. i will try and see how it performs at longer ranges if i get a day where wind is acceptable (not very often) and let you know what i find.


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    thank you ,

    think my ranges will be a little moer than than 100 i think becaus my neerest ground i have to walk
    i dont suffer too badly from wind ( no pun intended) so i think zeroing at 60 an inch high might be good, ill give it a try

    also is your 17 moderated and if so do you find it is still quite noisy ?

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    yes my 17hmr is moderated, you do get the super-sonci crack over long distances but IMHO it is still quieter than a 22LR using stingers over the same distance. at close range 20 - 40yrds you carnt really hear the crack, but you do hear the SMAK when the bullet meets its target.

    Is a very nice little round.


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    What mod you using as mine is a SAk and its still pretty noisy?


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    Zero at 100 and hold over 3" at 150.JMHO.~Muir

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    i use SAK Moderator, seems fine to me chickenman.

    i would guess that Muir will be very close, if not on the money with his comment. cows are out on my range so any testing will have to wait for a while till they calm down.


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    Mine is zeroed at 111 yards but the first zero is 50. No need for any holdover etc: out to 125 yards. This suits me fine for rabbits.

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    thanks for the replys guys, i think ill be going for a zero at 111 yards

    have any of you used the fedral amunition software , tells you all about the drop, fps, foot pounds, windage etc for most calibers
    you can play with all the veribles, found it quite intresting

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    You should be aware that 17 grainers will have a different trajectory to the 20's, Steve.
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