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Thread: Never when you expect them!

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    Never when you expect them!

    I was up early this morning to get the dog out on a laid trail before work. I parked the car and set off through the woods, having accidentally left my binoculars at home I set a quick pace and wasn't exactly quiet or careful. I got to the firebreak where I intended to lay the track and sorted it all out, then as I was heading back up the break a FC van passed along the track is just walked up.
    I walked back, striding about, whistling and got the dog out of the car. I let her have a little run about as we headed for the trail I'd made, then after a while called her back by voice and had her walk at heel. For no particular reason I stopped and sat her (I'm building up her patience to stay put).
    Suddenly as I was bending down to give her a fuss I heard a bit of a commotion up ahead. "Early jogger" I thought. But no! A young fallow buck had jumped up and was motoring through the woods about 50 yards ahead. He'd obviously sat tight for my previous two passes and even a van speeding past his hiding place, and decided as I approached with the dog that he'd been disturbed enough for one morning.
    I'd never have expected to see him there after all the noise and disturbance, but there he was to take me by surprise.
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    I know exactly where you are with this one, I have at least three T shirts form this situation this year!, one Roebuck in a roadside ditch 80 yds from the caravan, another when I'd switched off the truck engine back at the caravan, note to self .... Don't switch off too soon!!!
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