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    my pup

    My hound is now a year old, and coming on well. A gwp viszla cross, she has her moments but has been pointing for a few months at roe, up to 400m away through forests. Very keen to learn and please. Hope the image worked in here.
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    That's one bonny dog matey
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    She looks like a real cracker
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    Thanks, ive been away for a while and she has not left my side since I got back.

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    I agree with Jimmy she looks like a real gem.

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    +1 beautiful dog. Love her ears.

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    That's a lovely looking dog, I bet think you have been a lucky lad. Here's to many happy years ahead.

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    Just tried her on her first track with waidwerk onlu short and very easy but the level of focus was there and she followed the shortl trail perfectly. Thanks for all the comments about the hound. I can see things getting much more interesting for her now. Shes still not keen on walking to heel though?? Any top tips?

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