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Thread: Labradors Diet.

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    Labradors Diet.

    We've been feeding our Labrador Burns dry dog food, as it was supposed to be one of the best.
    But Ive recently been reading different opinions from vets, who are suggesting that a raw meat diet is superior, And they make a good argument.

    I mean throughout a dogs evolutionary cycle, 130,000 years, they have only been eating processed dog food for the latter half of the twentieth century.
    My dog food is 20% meal, [meat, fish, lamb, whatever] and the rest is brown rice, maize, corn etc.

    That costs 43pcm for the burns original. But for the last 130,000 years they havent been eating brown rice.

    Weve been having skin problems, and anal gland problems with him.

    So I decided to change his diet to raw beef, natures menu chunks of beef, nothing else added. They sell a bag of frozen beef cuts for 6ish, which will last him a week. Ive also been adding a spoonful of pumpkin, and a spoonful of flaxseed oil to his diet.
    The beef cuts are obviously not cuts we would eat. And Id be regularly worming him if we were to keep him on a diet of raw meat. Say every six months.

    But cost wise, the raw meat diet works out at about half the price of the burns diet.

    And he seems to like it. And he seems to be showing an improvement. So why dry dog food? Anyone else feed their dog a raw meat diet?

    Some data here:

    Important Things to Consider When Buying Pet Food

    Species-Appropriate Diet: Should Your Pet Do This?
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    Hi, I feed raw and cooked food depending on what the dogs are doing etc.
    I have done this for almost my entire lifetime and for good reason.
    I could give lots of examples etc, but I will instead simply say this, Dogs will survive on virtualy anything, they only thrive on raw carcase.

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    And Id be regularly worming him if we were to keep him on a diet of raw meat. Say every six months.

    Might be advisable to increase the worming frequency no matter what food.

    Dry food can be convenient but as said they thrive on raw carcase

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    Hi there,
    I asked this few months ago and moved my lab onto RAW ,
    Best thing I've done since short time I have had her, next best thing was to spay her ( last week) .

    I got some books from bilge rat on here ( Nick? )'
    Dog seems to,thrive on it and no more major gas / flatulance and stools are smaller and passes bout a third of what she used to.
    Teeth are good .
    All going well,
    Found a few good places online that good , and a local lad I was again advised about on here that delivers .

    If anyone think g bout it I can do what bilge rat did for me , I will post on the books for anyone thinking bout it .

    I've nearly finished em


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    My lab' gets chicken carcasses, as well as venison bones, mixed with her dry food. It's not completely a BARF diet, but she's in very good condition on it, and she enjoys it
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    Yeh, Ive been getting chicken crcasses from the local halal butchers for free. Cant fault em. Every other local butcher I tried, was hit and miss, as they told me they had a bone man come in and take them away. But the pakistani lads save em for me!
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    I know it's probably a stupid question but aren't the chicken bones a problem?

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    Not if they are uncooked. Attached to the carcass, no, no problem. In fact, they are probably safest along with a marrow bone.
    The neck and heart and liver are normally binned along with the carcass.

    Just nip into a halal butchers, they have a big bin of em, toward the end of the day Ive found.

    Bigger bones, lambs legs ets can be a problem, if he swallows too much of the sharp stuff, but I keep an eye on him, and make sure he just chews the ends and breaks em up for the marrow mainly.

    Wouldnt feed him rib bones without meat on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul k View Post
    I know it's probably a stupid question but aren't the chicken bones a problem?
    Only a problem if cooked. Cooked bone splinters. The raw chicken carcasses are fine, im feeding them years and never had any problems.

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    raw bones that are load bearing such as leg bones are definitely a no by my vet, as are cooked bones, pretty much all other fresh raw bones are o.k. including rib racks, all better still with remnants of meat attached, he was unhappy about chicken as he says 99% of chickens carry salmonella. Your dogs, your choice, but they thrive on the fleshed out deer carcases I give them minus any load bearing long bones and joints. Poo is white and calcified or black when fed bones and raw flesh, a natural diet in the wild. deerwarden

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