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Thread: Picatinny rail onto a Sauer 200

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    Picatinny rail onto a Sauer 200

    Hi all,

    Just a quick one for my education. How easy is it to fit a picatinny rail on to a standard Sauer 200 .270? I'm about to head away for a couple of months but thought I'd look in to it for my return and hopeful move into consistent stalking in Dorset. It's currently got Apel swing release holding a Swarovski 6x42 onto the rifle which was on it when I bought it.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I would have thought it would not be easy at all. The rear half of the Sauer action sits lower than the front half, maybe by 3mm. If you look you will see the rear scope base is thicker than the front.

    The most cost effective option I came up with was a set of Warne Weaver style bases (they do specific bases for the Sauer 202 - should fit the 200) and standard Warne rings. The whole kit should be under 100.

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    Nice looking rifle with the bolt on the proper side!

    Why do you want to replace a really high quality mounting systme - ie the Apels with something IMHO looks horrible - yes Piccatinny Rails are fine on target / miltary type rifle and very functional but swing off Apels are much more in keeping with your rifle.

    If you are wanting to add another scope you can easliy get new rings and probaly the cost will be similar to chaging your whole set up. Speak to the chaps at - I don't know them but they look after all these types of mounts and when spoke with them the other day they seemed really helpful and will jut sell the individual bit you need rather than complete system - ie just rings rather than also all the bases etc.

    But that Swaro 6x42 is a very good scope - why change it? - will suit all your needs for anything in the UK or elsewhere for that matter.

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    Thanks a lot for your advice. I was happy with the set up which is why I went for it as my first rifle to get me out. Using Picatinny at work I though it might give me some flexibility. The 6x42 is good, but I was always considering changing up to an S&B 8x56 or possibly a variable if I could find one for sensible money, ideally with an illuminated reticle, for the woodlands here in Dorset. I'm still trying to get my foot in the door with some stalking down here so there is no real urgency. To that end it is just something I'm mulling over as a possible for the future. Good point about ruining the look of the rifle though...noted!

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    I think EAW actualy do a piccatiny rail that fits inot the swing off bases so you can mount night vision scopes etc - have a look through thier catalogues at I would n't be in too much of a rush to change that 6x42 to an 8x56, especially for woodland use - the extra magnification is not needed. You probably don't have enough clearance with your current mounts for the 56mm objective lense - puts the scope a lot higher. I would spend the money on stalking not more toys. My Heym was fitted with a 4x32 Zeiss scope when I bought 15 years ago - it had been set up for Roe stalking down in sussex. I used that scope for two / three years and shot plenty of deer on the hill with it. I did change it for a 6x42 Meopta - I have fixed Aple mounts on my rifle - very low, and the Meopta was the only one that fitted. Great scope and very happy with it. I stupidly sold the Zeiss scope as most of my stalkign is now woodland / farmland and that little 4 power scope would be ideal.

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    I appreciate the advice cheers.

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