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Thread: GRS stocks, Aberdeenshire ?

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    GRS stocks, Aberdeenshire ?

    I like the look and adjustability of the GRS stocks, but I've never had hands on with one.

    Wondering if anybody Aberdeenshire or thereabouts has one I could possibly see and handle in the flesh so to speak, or know of a dealer where there is one sitting ?

    I have a list of local agents for Highland Outdoors, but I think they wouldn't actually hold any stock.

    Cheers in advance !

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    Worth looking for a stockist of Howa rifles as they do a package deal with a GRS stock. My local RFD had one in (not special order just part of his normal Howa stock) and it was a lovely piece of wood.

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    I asked Gina at Highland, and she reckoned there was no one she could name that actually held stock, although there were regular orders through an agent in Aberdeen, so I'll contact them and ask if they're expecting any passing through.

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    Jackson rifles have them in stock but down in Newton Stewart , I got mine from the glenluce gun room from stuart,who got me a good deal as Jackson are selling of there old stock

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    Grant Buchan at Buchan Guns, near Mintlaw usually has a couple around his shop. 01779 821 978 or 07557 133 668

    He has a Facebook page but no website as such.


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    Cheers Martin, been a while since I've been up to Eric at Buchans with anything. I have been contacted by a nice chap on here with a GRS who just happens to live on a road I travel regularly, so popping in past to see one in the flesh soon.

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    You won't be dissapointed

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