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Thread: Apel Rings

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    Apel Rings

    Hi i have jest bought some Apel Swing off mounts have a Swarovski 1-5 -6 x42 on them at the moment I am looking to put a Meopta 2-5 -15 x56 on them they are on a Sauer 90 I don't think the rings will be high enough does anyone know where I would be able get higher rings any help will be gratefully received.


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    Speak to alan rhone, check their website out, they will have what you need im sure....
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    I spoke to Alan Rhone today they don't stock Apel mounts and he does not rate them I am new to deer stalking but they look good mounts to me thanks for your help.

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    Mr. Rhone may not like them and for a number of reasons (not least that he doesn't stock them?) but they are a top bit of kit make no mistake of that. Just make sure the rear mount pivot tensioning is setup with the correct resistance once the scope is swung into position and that it is then locked c/o the correct grub screw.

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    I have Apel Swing-off mounts on an FN-Sauer, based on the Sauer 80, with a Kahles 8x56(1" tube) scope sat in them with about 1/8" clearance between the scope and the barrel.

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    I bought two sets of Apel mounts from Ian Spicer at red deer back in 2011 and he couldn't have been more helpful. Not cheap, but a perfect - and very stable - match for a Swaro Z6i 2.5-15x56 on a SAKO 85 Finnlight .243. Kept them until the gun was sold, and AFAIK they're still in use.

    A totally different story with a Z6i (2.5-15x56 again) on a Sako 85 .308. Despite really careful setup / loctite / spit / sealing wax / etc. I could never get them stable, consistent or recoil-proof, and eventually swopped them out for a set of Ziegler snap-ons from Alan Rhone.

    The Zieglers are very, very well made (apparently by someone involved in F1 engineering). Peace, love and totally repeatable on/off zero from Day 1.

    I'll dig down the bit boxes tomorrow and will post back if I can find any of those Apel bits.

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    Apels are an almighty pain in the ass.

    I have a set (inherited with the rifle), and have tinkered with them endlessly - always to end up back where I started.

    I would really strongly recommend getting rid of them. They're over priced, over engineered affectations!

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    Perhaps it's the tinkering
    inherited a set on the L61r I've never touched them let alone tinkered

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Perhaps it's the tinkering norma

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