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Thread: meopta meopro or zeiss duralyt

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    meopta meopro or zeiss duralyt

    At the moment got a meopta meopro 6-18x50 sitting on my cz17 hornet with a zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 sitting in a box,personally which would you rather have on the rifle,because i am debating on which one to get rid of.

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    duralyt are fantastic nowt wrong with meopro but i have had both and the zeiss is a better light gatherer imho

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    Surely its the one you prefer looking through, I've the same meopro which is now on my .22 as it is spare due to NV on my 223, I rate it however I did own conquests before and to me the Zeiss had better glass, if theduralyt is comparable to the conquest then I would choose it over the meopro, but the meopro has more mag , aghhhh decisions , keep them both , lol

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    i would have the meopta every time over the duralyt

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-lamp-alot View Post
    i would have the meopta every time over the duralyt
    Me too.

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    Never had a Zeiss but do have a Meopta and it's very good.

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    Surely the differences between reticle and mag are more of a factor especially considering the use of it on a 17 hornet?

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    Got both a Duralyt and an R1. The Zeiss has better light gathering than the Meopta and that's with a 50 mm lens against a 56 mm. But its not by much. Both are very good. One of the areas where Zeiss kept costs down is the turrets. The Meopta has finer increments and for that reason it would be my choice on a precision vermin rifle.

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    Meopro is not Meostar I think. Maybe somebdoy has experience with both.

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