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Thread: A beautiful roe, but this chap was out and about

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    A beautiful roe, but this chap was out and about

    A glorious morning, far nicer than yesterday. I took my usual morning walk with the dogs hoping to spot the big buck, but there was nothing showing at all.

    I did, however, see this chap in the same ride that he appeared in yesterday. This time I could get down out of sight and make the dogs do likewise.

    He made his way towards me, until eventually the sound of the camera shutter release made him realise that something was not quite right. A suspicion proved correct a few seconds later when my younger lab eventually gave in to temptation

    The track is very shaded, hence why the pictures appear grainy, as all were taken at ISO 3200. None of the photos are cropped at all, so you can see just how close he eventually came.

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    Lovely pics. At the moment I can't get out so finding your photos a real pleasure. Thanks

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    What can we say other than "As always your photos are a treat to see"!

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    Beautiful pictures. You really should enter one or two of them into one of the photographic competitions that are sometimes run by the BDS.



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    I think they are the best Muntjac photos I have ever seen, I have only ever seen one Muntjac and that was road kill and not a pretty sight! Thanks for that Dom,

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    Really nice photos. He looks like he could become a really good buck if he isn't already.

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    Those eyes like big black full stops do it for me!
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    Wonderful photos!

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    Lovely sequence of photographs - I love the way big bucks walk down the middle of the track like they own the world!

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