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Thread: Neoprene Scope Covers

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    Cool Neoprene Scope Covers

    I gave up on Butler Creek flip up scope covers after too many breakages, and started to use neoprene scope covers which protect the tube and lens. I've just ordered one for a new scope from They are the only company I found who offer bespoke covers for different makes and models of scope. The total price, including postage from the US, was 13.26.
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    Sounds good. I like to have them on the scope for protection in the cabinet.

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    I agree. I have got one of these. Was staggered when they emailed me back to say it would cost about $2 to post it from the U.S.!

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    Try Scopecoat ( - I've always had super service from them.
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    I use similar from JSRamsbottom to prevent dinks in the cabinet.
    They are well made and represent good value.

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    I use Scope Shield in Oregon USA, superb quality covers, my latest is a custom made for my Sightron SIII 10-50x60 with target turrets and the sunshade fitted it comes to over 20".

    Cost was 23 including shipping, very, very pleased
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    I use the longest JSR version for my Sightrons and an IOR 9-36 target scope, all with sunshades. They are a snug fit.
    IIRC I paid about 7 delivered.

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    I use a Swarovski one on my z6i only for when it's in the cabinet , definitely money well spent for when I take them out or put them away

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