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Thread: hawke endurance 30 sf .223/.308

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    hawke endurance 30 sf .223/.308

    does anyone use one of these with the marksman reticle,be interested to hear some views on it,thanks guys...........DAZ

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    I have the old Hawke Endurance with the Mill Dot reticule.It came with a .243 that I bought but I put a Zeiss on the .243 and put the Hawke on my HMR.I find it very good and has the high magnification for long range bunnies.Good clear glass also.

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    cheers for reply hogey,these are the new range,keen for a review,but ordered one for my .223 anyway,lol........

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    I have one but with the mil dot recticle on my 243 its a good scope, but ive got a zeiss on my 308 and its pants compared to that , but for the money its a good scope

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    I have the the old style Endurance 30ir no mil dots just the L4? type.It was on a 223 for years now its on my 243 no problems--so far.

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