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Thread: hunting in the uk

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    hunting in the uk

    Hi everyone,
    ive just found this site and have been looking around and its great.
    was just wondering if any one could point me in the right direction of getting out for a hunt over here um a kiwi as you probably noticed and im over here doing some travelling etc... i do alot of hunting back home and am starting miss it a bit.. also was wondering how much it cost etc?? where to go ill try post a few pics from back home for you to look at. when i figure out to do it.

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    hi nzhunter,
    which area are you in now?
    and which island were you from north or south as i hav a mate that emmigrated to south island and loves it there gets more hunting than you can shake a stick at

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    hi stone, in manchester at the moment. from upper hutt just north of wellington been here for a year or so now, yeah its nice down there got down when i get the chance maybe once or twice a year but theres plenty around home so dont need to travel to far. just trying t post some photos now.

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    mate with a red we got back in jan when i was home for a hol.

    south island

    scrubby red from down south

    north island red

    south island shot on the way for hunt

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    now you realy are taking the p155
    nice pics mate how far did you hav to carry the boar?
    now i am going to be cheeky and prey on your newness any chance you hav you hav a few copies of ' pig hunter magazines' latest ones that is

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    that pig was bout 2 hours was pretty knacked after that!! was with a few mates that hunt and we ended up with 3 that afternoon, um i have the jan/feb one here some where and a few of the deer hunting mags floating around that i bought back with me some where to.. where abouts are you stone ill see if can send them for you to have a look at.

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    i am in coventry, by the NEC if you pm me some details i can ring you and see if we can sort something out
    many thanks
    ps i know manchester is a big place but what part are you in as i know the area quite well

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    no worrys mate ill have a look around see what i can find and let you no. im in heaton moor, stockport

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    Hi there NZHunter
    I am thinking of going to NZ to visit my non hunting cousin have another mate also who is a native Kiwi we fancy doing a bit of hunting but neither of us know much about seasons etc are they way different to UK wondered as with winter summer times are opposite to here aren't they?

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    Hi legaleagle69,
    cool mate where abouts are you looking at going? yeah the seasons are all different the roar is prob just starting back home at the moment and should go for 3weeks or so.. may/june/july some times august are our winter months sept/oct/nov spring dec/jan/feb summer.

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