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Thread: DSC 2 AW / AP witness needed Central Scotland!

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    DSC 2 AW / AP witness needed Central Scotland!

    hi all, are there any AW's in central scotland, or fife that could help me get my DSC2 underway?

    I was not given the list of AW's when i registered so i dont know where to start!

    Hope someone can show me the way forward



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    Go to and contact Mandy in the office and get her to send you an upto date list. Be aware that this list may change dramatically after june 1st. JC

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    Have you got stalking ground or is it witness with ground you require. There are several bodies on the site with the papers if you have the ground. Jim

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    i do have ground, but i woul be interested in trying somewhere new on someone elses ground, probably for a species other than roe.

    Thanks for the replys.


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    Where in Central Scotland are you I'm not to far from Paisley If i can be of assistance Pm me with your details .

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    Thanks everyone for thier input on this thread, my Inbox is full of potential helpers, i will get in touch with the DMQ people and see about the list and i wil also contact a few of the sugested names in my inbox. i hope to get going on this fairly soon, as i would like to get the DMq2 finished by Jul / Aug.

    Thanks again for everyones help! you know who you are!


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