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Thread: Norfolk bass and mackerel fishing

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    Norfolk bass and mackerel fishing

    Anyone on here been beach casting for mackerel or bass recently between Cley and Weyborne as I'm going to Cromer tmoro for a week and want to try and get some for the BBQ while we're camping?

    I've only ever used feathers or a spinner before and caught Mackerel so am giving it a go with a Bass rig for the 1st time to get one or two with a lot of luck!!


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    Best of luck, if you use the rig wrap the bass baits well with elastic, i found soft shell crab and launce in all the bass i had on weekend, caught them on a blue green surface popper not more than 20m from shore. Lads were landing good channel mackerel too just on feathers and we had a few on a hokkai silver shrimp.

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    I'll ask one of the lads from our Coastguard team when I see him tomorrow. He's a proper old sea dog and knows this stretch of coast like the back of his hand.

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    My in laws had a house at Cromer and there are lots of very big bass caught off the pier. They catch mackerel with feathers and use them for bait. I only caught cod and doggies.
    1 evening a guy had 4 big bass. Biggest 11lb the smallest 8lb

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    Just to remind everyone, bass are a threatened species and there is currently a catch limit of three bass per day for recreational fisherman and a size limit of 41cms (16") although the Angling Trust recommend 48cms. Please only keep the bass that you need to eat and bear in mind that a 10lb bass might be 20 years old.

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    I thought the catch limit was just at proposal stage.

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    It's the guys in rivers with nets that need to be watched

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    From this side of the Atlantic, I am curious about your mackerel. Here, we can catch some near shore, but the vast bulk of mackerel are in the current, close to shore or far out in the Gulf Stream, so you need a boat to get to many of them, even in sight of shore.

    We have Spanish Mackerel, which run 18 to 30 inches, and King Mackerel, which can be 36 to 48 inches. You can even catch some big loners, "smoker kings", from the longer piers, or wading out 200 yards to chest deep and casting another 75 to 100 yards.

    Some of the inshore waters are pretty calm, and there are wrecks from the War Between the States and sailing ships within a mile of shore and 100 to 200 feet of water, which are rich sites for trolling spoons and catching large kings and their cousins, the Wahoo. But if you hook a Spanish mackerel there, you stand little chance of getting him to the boat, because a large amberjack or barracuda will inhale it and then you will have a fight on.

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    Cheers for the responses and sorry I never posted back, but North Norfolk has to be the worst place I have ever been to get a phone signal of any sort, let alone 3 or 4g!! I resorted to sitting outside a chippy that had free wifi just to check my emails briefly (while scoffing some chips too of course!!)

    I also picked the worst week for any kind of beach fishing as the storms had churned up the sea that much the mackerel had moved way off shore and the waves were so big that surfers were out in force!! I did try a bit of bass fishing with some ragworm but it was hopeless, especially for a novice like me!! At 6 per 1/4 it aint cheap either, especially when we went Tesco and they were selling good size bass at 2 each at Sheringham!! The lady in the shop said I was 2 days too late!!

    I'm hoping to get back later in August so hopefully the weather will be kinder,

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    My grandparents live at sheringham and we used to catch cod and dabs from sheringham and weybourne. Not the dreaded tesco it's killing sheringham go down to the fish shop they will give you proper advise on where's the best fishing

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