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Thread: 12 bore slug rounds

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    12 bore slug rounds

    Anyone know of a dealer who is likely to stock 12 bore slug rounds anywhere in the South West, (Bristol down through Devon)?

    Need some on the hurry up and the usual suspects either don't have them or only have .410 in stock.

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    If you can roll your own, I can let you have about a dozen slugs at short notice, these are 1oz slugs cast in a Lee mould (with the "drive key"), I can even let you have some unfired, primed "Activ" cases and lend you an RTO tool as well, I don't have any propellants in at the moment, or suitable wads (fibre), I could possibly also run to half a dozen 1oz "rifled" slugs with an attached fibre wad, and/or a couple of Brenneke 1.25oz Magnum slugs, with attached plastic standoff "wad".

    Sorry it's a bit vague, and not exactly what you're asking for, but it's what I've got in my "box of stuff" in the garage.

    I'm in Bristol, PM me if you need them.

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    Steve at Shield Gun Club

    Litten Cheney.. Just past Dorchester

    Great bloke and as its where the world championships are held in practical shotgun im sure hell have a few spare..

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    James at Simpsons Chawleigh. aka Blue Fox Glade, Longclose, Chawleigh. 01769 580039

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