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    Sunday Morning

    Great start to a Sunday morning, arrived at the wood at 05.30 to see two fallow does dance off across the small grass field to the front where I park to be off the road. As I went to get out of the car the white backside of a muntjac doe trotted into the thicket 30 metres I front of me that leads into the wood. I was pretty excited to see so much before I had even started out!
    Checked the wind and entered the wood from the southern end and immediately bumped a lone fallow doe from some very thick bracken, once things had settled I carried on. The dappled light really made stalking slow, I was constantly thinking I could see deer shapes everywhere!
    Eventually I made it through to the main ride, whilst spying a noise came from about 40 metres directly to my left, back in the part of the wood I had just been in, it was a muntjac doe, slowly I raised my 25.06 onto my quad sticks and as I took am I could see a medium sized buck another 10 metres behind her. I changed my mind and decided on him. Suddenly a black fallow doe appeared from behind the buck and trotted straight between them moving the doe into some heavy undergrowth with the buck trotting behind, frustrated I lent on my sticks rueing the fallow when a small muntjac buck walked out on to the main ride only 15 metres to my left, he stop briefly and the trotted into the wood, I moved slowly on my sticks and shot him in the neck at about 25 metres as soon as he presented a shot, he fell on the spot.
    I decided that the morning was now advancing so I would not bother with any high seats, instead I would carry on on foot, I proceeded with my normal stalking route but to no avail, just saw fallow does and nothing else. I got to the end of the wood and crept out to see if anything was browsing on the hedge line next to the wheat, as is crept out I saw the red coat of a roe standing on overgrown headland. I could not see if it was a doe or a buck as it's head was down, when it lifted I could see he was a pretty decent buck. I back up when his head went down got myself set up on my sticks and inched around the corner again, to my amazement he was nowhere to be seen. Then I saw the grass move about 30 metres away he was laying down, I looked at him through the scope and was just about to whistle at him to try and get him to stand when he stood up abruptly winding the air and looking very alert, I took aim and shot him in the neck, he fell on the spot.
    I had them cleaned and hanging at home by 08.00, an amazing start to a perfect Sunday.
    Happy stalking.
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    We'll done. What county is this ?

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    Well done. sounds like a good morning. I assume that the weather is better by you. Wet wet wet here.


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    Great story, sounds like a perfect wood to stalk it.

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