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    Help and advice...

    Hello everybody. I joined last year and have unfortunately contributed very little as moved to a new job in a new place which has kept me busy up until now.

    I am new to stalking, having completed a BASC Firearms Awareness Course and BASC Pre-DSC1 as well as having gained a full DSC1. I have been trying to get further into actual stalking but I am hitting a brick wall.

    Being new to the area (the area in question being Surrey), I have few contacts. The contacts I had or those that I could approach all want a FAC before considering permission but as you all know I need the permission in order to gain the FAC, so I've been going round in circle for the last 12 months. My firearms officer is rather cool on the idea anyway (I am a Shotgun Certificate holder) and Surrey Police seem pretty demanding when granting FACs. I have been out lamping and have shot .22LR, .243 and .223 accompanied, although not at deer, just vermin and foxes. I am now trying to get a piece of land on which I could apply for a .22 and see if I can then use that to find some land, hoping that will be enough for any landowners and they will be happy to support a variation on my certificate.

    I'm sure there are many in my position now and that those that now have land and opportunities once were also in my position. However, if anybody has any advice or can offer any help, that would be great. It seems very difficult at the moment and I often wonder if I should just give up all the aggro and just pay for the odd stalk here and there.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Thibaud, Getting started is hard and I suggest you need to pursue as many avenues as you can fund. Clearly this forum is one, BDS will have a local branch which is another, and joining a local rifle club is another. I recommend paying for stalking as a good way to gain experience. I like to go somewhere new each year of a day, meet a new stalker, see some new ground etc. There will be folk in your area that take clients out for bucks, I suggest trying to get an outing booked up before the end of May. You need to try and meet like minded folk in the flesh and somewhere along the line, someone will ask you to join a syndicate. It can take a long time. Pheasant syndicates are another avenue to explore. Talk to people and let them know what you are looking for. We all keep a low profile, but there a surprising amount of people who shoot and may be able to help you along. I know three dentists and a number of policemen who are all very keen on shooting so you might be surprised who shoots. Clearly there are rogues out there too...

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    Thanks mate. Sensible advice.

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    Thibaud, Jcampbellsmith has some sound advice, but the key here is to book some stalking, try the boarders for a week, but give yourself a good six months lee way then reapply for your FAC with the confirmed booking as your supporting evidence. They should then issue you with an FAC, they may try and add silly conditions like pre approval by the local cheif of police, i personnaly would refusde such a restriction sighting that you intend to stalk on multiple peices of land. Just depends how confident you are, the more open your license is the better!

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    Give me a PM and I will see what I can do. Surrey is just round the corner from West Sussex



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    Thanks guys, I haven't applied yet though, just trying to build a solid application before throwing myself in!

    I will definitely book some stalking, probably Northumberland for a few days with the wife and dog so they can keep themselves company! However, not sure it would be enough for Surrey Police, particularly as they also request you have a 'mentor'. I have a suitable local one so that's ok.

    Sikamalc, PM on the way.

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    If you have days stalking booked then you have good reason , Surrey cannot refuse you on that detail . Not every one has acsess to land to come and go as they please. A good many people gain their fac on booked days alone. It is then when you get out and meet new folk the openings appear for land of your own . You will I would imagine have a mentoring condition attatched for a first application ,just get on with it keep your head down and after a period of time send a letter asking to have the mentoring condition removed . There is some good stalking to be had locally to you. Malc will look after you for sure ,you just need to be sure that the three amigos are not there at the same time as yourself because you will be in for fun......

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    I Brough, you're quite right there. My firearms officer has been trying to put me off so concerned about having as bulletproof an application as possible. As you said, I very much look at gaining an FAC to get the ability to develop my own contacts and eventually get my own bit of grounds. As I told Sikamalc, I have a few contacts I could work on but unfortunately, not until I get the FAC first. A bit of a chicken and egg situation methinks.

    Anyway, it looks like this is being a good exercise in meeting like minded people and rekindle my motivation to jump through the many necessary hoops!

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