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Thread: Wiehrauch HW60j .222 complete - ready to fox set up kit

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    Wiehrauch HW60j .222 complete - ready to fox set up kit

    Due to going over to the dark side, and getting a 222 barrel for the R8
    I have reluctantly decided to sell my foxing / long range rabbit set up in perfect working condition as follows

    HW60J in 222 calibre.

    As new moderator ( it cost 300 it's a decent one)

    As New pulsar n870 digital NV which has the range finder, tilt etc on board

    pulsar x850 IR

    8 hr battery pack that attaches to the 870. ( will last all night)

    A bag of ammo and a strap

    all the kit is near new in age and condition and will shoot very accurately out to 200 all night & day with ease, it is all ready to go and is a cracking piece of kit and I would like it to go as one unit as it is all set up, everything has been carefully looked after and clean etc

    More than happy to give anyone a night out on field test on rabbits or foxes no problem

    the price 2000.00 all in

    no offers please and I won't be breaking it up

    I can send you a pic if you PM an e mail address

    I have all the blank paperwork, bags, boxes cables etc

    thanks for looking

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