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Thread: Sako 75 semi-custom .260rem

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    Sako 75 semi-custom .260rem

    Yet another change around means that I am putting this beaut up for sale. I will probably regret it.

    Sako 75 semi-custom rifle in .260 rem calibre.

    Lothar Walther stainless barrel at just under 21". Threaded M15X1 spigot. Crown and bore in excellent condition.
    Mcmillan Sako Hunter stock in black/olive/tan, bedded.
    Tuned trigger breaks at 1.5lb.
    Rifle built by UK Gunworks.

    This rifle is in excellent condition and is great to shoot. I have only used bullets in the 120-130gr range in it and it shoots 123gr Amax (at 2880fps) and 120gr Nosler BT with superb accuracy. Load data available.

    I am asking for 1100 rifle only or 1275 including a 5-month old Atec CMM4 moderator, boxed in very good condition.

    Can be sent via RFD at cost. Dies, brass and bullets are also available.
    (Please note, this rifle is also advertised elsewhere.)

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    Having bought his customised Sako 75 in 308 last year I can only imagine this will be just as superb of not better. If I had the space and money I'd love it and he was a real gent to deal with.

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    Cheers Olly, very kind of you!

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    No problems, I'm just about to start reloading for it and have been playing about at longer ranges so will be able to see why it is really capable of soon.

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    Bump to the top - rifle still available.

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    Can't beleave this hasn't sold.

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    Just had 260 put on my ticket but funds won't allow at moment. Makes it even worse as I'm sako 75 lover

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    Bump. Price reduced to 995 rifle only or 1170 including Atec moderator.

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    Weekend bump!
    995 for the rifle, or would consider a trade for a .308...

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