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Thread: Multicam - good cam

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    Multicam - good cam

    Anyone looking forward to the new uk forces camo? It's multicam by crye precision. Been trialling some new Level III vests in multicam and I reckon it is a superb camo pattern and streets ahead of black-when-wet DPM and wearing that boring realchav stuff . Just teasing

    Here's some background:

    Attachment 854Attachment 853 and the inevitable fetish gear Attachment 855
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    SF currently using this kit in Afghanistan, looks the bees knees. They have added various different bits and bobs, which won't be off the shelf items.

    Just under 4 years left to go, hope to get my hands on some of it prior to getting to the big 40.


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    I was surprised by how well it works. Have a smock and UBACS in the older US test spec MCam and they work very well in most backgrounds including at night. The newer finished stuff is even better and wears better. You wait until all the gucci kit comes out in MultiCam..A5 Nyrex, MOLLE pouches, bivvy sacks.. etc etc etc. Good royalty money for the manufacturers.

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    I've been watching this for a while and it certainly looks good but has anyone any experience of using it in the UK for stalking?

    I was thinking that there was a lot of tan shades in it and that maybe it was too light for the hill but then I looked at some of my photos of the hill and there is a lot of deer grass, or dry grass or reeds or whatever and so sometimes the hill is quite light coloured as well. I took this picture in December and imagined that the heather etc. was very dark but when you look at it the opposite is the case:

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    Hi Caorach,
    I bought a pair of trousers in multicam.I work in the highlands and the colour suited my ground very well,a number of people commented on how hard it was to see at a distance.A lot of the guests i take to the hill wear clothing that is far too dark!! My only complaint is that after a year of wear the colour faded,and is now definately too light.So perfect colour when new but faded a lot over a year.

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    Its a nice pattern, very versatile, ive done several rifles now and the customers seem to like it a lot, it is a bit fiddly because of getting the highlight correct but looks very nice when its done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mauser66 View Post
    Good royalty money for the manufacturers.
    If you get the British Army version, which was developed by Crye (makers of original Multicam) then the royalties go to the MOD as they have retained the IPR for the design, in a rare burst of sensible procurement.

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    Forgive me if i've missed something but...

    Where you you get this stuff? From what i can see from the links Mauser66 posted there is one company selling some gear in a "knocked off" version of multicam but apart from a few shirts on ebay I'm not seeing much actual multicam gear about. I thought this smock from one of the above links looked pretty good, but it is not genuine multicam from what i can see and it seems to be a Polish reverse engineered version:

    I've no idea what the quality of that stuff is like but would be reluctant to buy without getting some recommendations first.

    I've got one of the "fake" tweed goretex jackets that Musto sold off cheap last year and it actually works amazingly well in similar conditions, being relatively light it is ideal for hill stalking especially in September time.

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    There have been a few bits of British issue kit appearing on fleabay, this is from guys currently deploying/deployed to AFG. I would suspect that the monkeys will be all over them like a tramp on hot chips though as this stuff is currently only issued to units off to theatre. Any manufacturer that wants to make kit in the genuine British Army version of Crye Multicam will have to get a licence to do so from MoD.

    So caorach, your answer is, if you want the real issue gear, buy the right man a drink! Be careful, the current lot out there are 3Cdo Bde, they have some very strange habits

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    Jager SA, have you got a shop in Colchester?

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