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    Double Glazing

    How's this for "off topic"? The front door to our house was installed at the same time as our double glazing, by the same company. One of their reps recently came round on an unrelated matter and noticed that the colour finish is starting to suffer sun damage. He said that seeing as the door is well within its 10 year guarantee period this shouldn't be happening and he'd call it in as being worthy of a "service call". Fast forward about a week and we've heard nothing from them, so I ring customer services. Once I've explained the situation to the lady on the phone she pulls our customer file and agrees with the rep that it's within guarantee and she'll get back to me. Give her credit, she rang back within the hour. Then she said that the supplier from whom they obtained that door has since gone out of business and she's not sure if they can do anything. She again said she'd get back to me with an up-date, but so far no word and it's now been another week.
    I'm going to ring them back this week, but before I do, I'd like to put all my ducks in a row. As far as I'm aware, my contract is with the company from whom I bought the door, not their supplier. Is the double glazing company still legally bound to honour the guarantee even though the supplier has apparently gone bust?
    Have I got any recourse here, or will I just have to "suck the mop" on this one?
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    Simply put yes they should honor it as your contract is with them not the supplier as you have already said. Quite possibly the rep realised it was going to cost his company as they would have to pay and source a new door (plus he'd likely get a bollocking for alerting you to the possibility of a new door) so he "forgot" to get back to you in the hope you'd forget about it too.

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    yup As its not your fault the supplier has gone tits its them you paid not the guy who sold them the door for far less than you paid ??? they gave you 10 yrs so the buck stops with them tell them last chance or see you in court along the lines of a False statement knowing they would default if the supplier were no longer trading -Fraud Act 2006 -

    Fraud Act 2006

    (i)to make a gain for himself or another, or. (ii)to cause loss to another or to expose another to a risk of loss. (2)A representation is false if— (a)it is untrue or misleading, and. (b)the person making it knows that it is, or might be, untrue or misleading

    sorry for got to add I had this with a poly roof I had done it turned yellow and I got the same rubbish you have been told ? I stuck to my guns and got my roof sorted after the case fell apart there side got a bit of compo as well
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