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Thread: Keeping your wits about you....

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    Keeping your wits about you....

    I figured she would be in her normal field, but it was firstly a case of spotting her:

    And then getting to a point where I could get a clear shot for a photo:

    Then I realised, with a wink, that she had been stringing me along all the time and it was all just a game to her:

    The smaller buck, meanwhile, was bedded down in an adjacent field:

    He's nowhere near as confident as the doe, so he was on his feet shortly after he spotted me:

    But before disappearing on his daily rounds he hung around long enough for me to grab a shot or two:

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    Excellent photos. . I particularly like the one of the buck.

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    Third shot Dom, Looks like she's winking at you!
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    great photos, they both look in excellent condition



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    Awww, she loves you !!!
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    She's toying with your affections mate.
    What a tease :-) :-)

    great pictures


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