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Thread: Swazi coats

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    Swazi coats

    I often get asked to field test various bits of kit. Over the last 3 years it has been 2 coats, scopes and 2 types of Binoculars.

    Most of the kit available these days is of a pretty good standard, and there is a huge amount to choose from, especially if you add in the American market.

    I get to test goods across a range of environments, from the highlands of Scotland, where I am usually with clients for a month or more during the rut, right through to the Roe season along with Fallow in England and on the open fields around Bedfordshire for CWD and Muntjac.

    About a year ago I was given the opportunity to test a Swazi coat, and although it appeared to be just another jacket in a market that is flooded with all sorts of styles and designs I would like to say that I have been very impressed with it so far. This is not because they advertise on this site, or that they have kindly offered clothing for free to the members through our Supporters scheme. But I am generally impressed with the coat, and it lives up to its claims too, in that it does not let in water.

    I find many of the jackets on offer are too thick and slightly cumbersome, usually you end up sweating so much due to the design and padding. The Swazi coat I have enables you to add layers at your discretion and I particularly like the large hood with the wire insert that keeps the weather out. In to many coats the hood is an after thought that really does not give the cover that one needs when walking through driving rain on a Scottish hillside. The only drawback I would add is there are no hand warmer pockets, which although not important, one feels that they should be there. But this is a small issue, as overall they are a very well designed and durable coat that if looked after will give a great deal of service.

    Prices are not cheap compared to some other jackets, but you get what you pay for, and in many instances previous jackets I have bought from the States and U.K have only lasted one or two seasons before they let in water, or start to come apart.

    As I say there is plenty of clothing on the market these days, and it is much improved from some 40 years ago, but I would add that if you want buy once for top quality I would look at the Swazi range of clothing.

    Keep dry and now looking forward to the Red and Sika rut in the highlands.

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    I have to put my hand up to not submitting a suitable thank you or write up after I won a Swazi Wapiti jacket off the site some time ago now back in 2013! Before anyone turns off and doesn’t read the rest of this – testament to the jacket is that I’ve ordered no end of Swazi gear... I think that says a lot! I’ve got a number of fleeces, trousers, and gaiters etc.

    I’ve got a number of jackets, Harkila, Nomad, Deerhunter, each has its place but the Swazi has proven to be very hard wearing and although the Wapiti is thin, its designed to be used as a layering system which works well and I have to say it’s extremely waterproof. Being light the jacket rolls up and packs away well. I’ve used the jacket for a variety of fieldsports, stalking, fishing, wildfowling, and driven pheasant and it works well when swinging the shotgun, there’s plenty of movement in the jacket and the pockets take plenty or cartridges.

    The products are great but so is the company ethos, I do like a good background to equipment and if you go on there website you’ll find out there story. Davey the owner is a real bushman that gets out hunting and trekking and tests the gear himself. All of the gear is made in New Zealand which there very proud of and rightly so.

    Just my two peneth, don’t take my word for it try one on and see if you get a chance at a game fair or see a mate with one. Were all very particular about our kit this is just based on my experience of the product but as I say its led me on to buy more of there gear, that’s how impressed I was.

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    Been using a thar for 15 years , very very good kit !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    Been using a thar for 15 years , very very good kit !
    I couldn't agree more.


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    I've had one of there hooded bush shirts. I wore it all winter and has kept me warm. Not a waterproof item but it's all about layering.
    Live got the tahr xp which does have hand warmer pockets and hopefully it will get tested out in November.

    my two boys were kindly bought a beanie each from a member of this site for Christmas presents. They lived in them over the winter.

    Get the gear while it's on offer. Even if you include postage and customs it's still very good value for money.


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    it will get tested out in November.


    +1 to this! field test, stress test, the whole nine yards


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    The coat might survive but will the wearer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glen of Imaal View Post
    The coat might survive but will the wearer...

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    Is there any Swazi sellers on the site - do Swillington do a good range?

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    Have one of the hooded bush shirts and love it, also have another Swazi camouflage fleece which is great quality. My next jacket will be the Swazi Tahr for sure!
    Delivery time good and import duty wasn't that bad, well worth the wait!

    Alba gu brąth

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