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Thread: Havalon knives

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    Havalon knives

    the ones with the replaceable blades, anyone have any experience of them, seem to be good quality and the replacement blades are cheap enough
    7mm-08 of course!

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    A mate of mine from Canada says they are very good and he is a good, honest judge of kit and knows what he is talking about. If I did more stalking and didn't already have plenty of good knives then I would try one. Heinie Haynes sell them.

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    I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago (despite having plenty of others) - I like the design and the ease of dealing with a blunt blade in the field - plus hygiene.
    I find it a little small in the hand (and I don't have large hands), feels very light, and it is definitely an incisive tool, rather than a cutting one. I am however impressed with it overall and it does work - how hard wearing it is will only bear out in time.
    I think its worth the money having had it in my hand - but whether it will fair as well as five or six Mora clippers.....always a very hard benchmark that one.

    I bought mine direct from the importer - JMS - on his Havalon knives UK site BTW.
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    i really like the idea of them just not sure if it is for me, i also like monkey spankers fallkniven but its proper money lol
    7mm-08 of course!

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    Havalon knives are the business; just don't try prying etc and use solely for cutting like a scalpel [which is they are]. One blade will get you through two Roe bucks at least

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    I've had one for a while now and done a few roe with it. As said its a precision blade for gralloching and skinning but you can't use it for hacking away at bones and joints, you can break down a carcass but you just need to use a bit more finesse. I like it due to the fact it's small, light, brightly coloured, blade is always sharp, easy to clean (and safe as you just take the blade off) and for the cost of replacement blades cheaper than a good sharpening kit. It hasn't replaced all my knives but it always comes stalking with me.

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    Have 1 also after using a friends last year all winter, great piece of kit as I couldn't sharpen a pencil let alone a knife perfect for me.

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    The British deer society shop sell the Baracuta, with replacement blades and saw blades, the blades are longer and thicker at 4 3/8" The handle is also longer than that of the Piranta.
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