My wife called out to me yesterday evening, "is she out there?", she meant the mother Pine Marten who had miraculously appeared the same time as a doughnut on the patio steps. My wife had spotted her the other side of the fence and wondered if she had come through yet, she had. I had opened the patio door in my study and stepped out and there she was, I went back inside for the camera and she was still there, she turned around and looked at me and carried on with her doughnut.

She usually eats a little on the steps, very fond of the jam or custard or whatever the filling is,

She then usually makes off with some for her hooligan youngsters if they are not with her,

As they were not here she was off, and ran right past me, these things tend to run most places. She was that close I had to shoot from the hip, it appears I am rubbish at this.

I measured the distance between us and it was 28 feet, about 8 as she went past me, completely fearless.