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Thread: Dovetail to picatinny for brno model 2

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    Dovetail to picatinny for brno model 2

    I am looking for a rail that will fit to the dovetail that's on my brno model 2 it's .22lr I need the rail to fit night vision also would like a set of 30mm high mounts quick release if you can even point me in the right direction where to try thanks

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    Does that make it a 3/8 or 11mm dovetail? - eBay is your friend for this sort of thing.....
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    Try Alan Rhone:

    I have recently bought a T3 Picatinny rail that screws into the existing holes in the receiver. It's a very well made item, three different makes of rings fit perfectly, first time.

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    No holes there its a old brno it has to clamp on dovetail its also 16 mm dovetail

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    Kozap do a 16mm dovetail > Weaver (Picattiny) adaptor for the CZ 527s. The adaptor has a small square lug on the rail which mates with a recess on the 527s dovetail. I removed the small lug with a Dremmell and it fits fine.

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    I just bought one of these pica tinny rails from Jakel precision engineering on ebay. I bought it to go on a CZ 455 but tried it on my BRNO mod 2 and it fits perfectly. It was an 11mm rail though. Worth a look though.

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    3/8 i need 16mm mate

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    I got one off ebay for my mod 2 m8
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