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Thread: Newbie from Mansfield, Notts... Struggling to find an active local rifle club :-(

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    Newbie from Mansfield, Notts... Struggling to find an active local rifle club :-(

    Hi, just found the forum by searching for rifle clubs in my local area on google.

    I live in mansfield and have predominantly been shooting shotguns at clays and woodies for the last couple of years, I also have a .17hmr and I'm looking for a nice .22lr at the moment.

    My biggest struggle at the moment is finding a local club with membership availability. So if anyone on here can give any pointers it would be much appreciated.

    Cheers :-)

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    Thanks Splash, Epperstone would be ideal. I've emailed Trevor before but understand he is a busy man. Is there a separate club contact or is Trevor the man?


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    Mansfield & District rifle & pistol club,

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    MDRPC are not accepting new memberships at the moment unfortunately :-( in fact they haven't done for some time. I heard of someone that was on the waiting list for over 18 months.

    Options are limited. Trying to find a contact for Notts and Derby vintage arms society as their range is 2 minutes from where I live.

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    Have you tried peak rifle and pistol club, they shoot on a outdoor range facility near ashbourne out to 500 yards, just put it in search engine, they are accepting new members, as I shoot with them

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    They are a bit to far for me really at 39 miles / 60 minutes on a good day when the peaks is not full of tourists :-(

    thanks though

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    Hi mate your local to me as I'm in Hucknall.

    Try Chesterfield and District rifle and pistol club, they seem to allow new members and shoot at Epperstone, Thorpe Cloud and Sprotborough.

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    Welcome to the site,

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