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Thread: Speer 85BTSP .243

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    Speer 85BTSP .243

    Does anyone have a speer reloading manual? as im just wondering if i can use Viht N-150 with the Speer 85 boat tail soft point, in .243 Win. i would normally use N-160 but i have half a kilo of N-150 laying around so I thought id use it.
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    N150 loads aren't in the Speer #13 or Speer #14, but both N140 and N160 appear in the Sierra V so N150 is a safe bet in the 85gr.

    Use the VIT website for a recommended load .........
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    Or .243 Winchester - Rifle reloading - Reloading Data - Vihtavuori

    However, I think the reason the Speer Manual doesn't list N150 is that is gives a poor fill density. I would suggest you pick a powder listed in the Speer Manual, such as Reloader 19 or H4350 that will give you a better fill density. There seems little point in going to all the bother of reloading and then compromising on powder selection.

    Regards JCS
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