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Thread: DSC level 1 Any tips?

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    DSC level 1 Any tips?

    Hi Guys

    I have my DSC level 1 assesment this coming weekens. Does anyone have any tips?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Jared, Where abouts are you taking it. I have a friend on the course in Kent.

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    I'm on the course in Cirencester in early April - perhaps you're on the same course?

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    Read the manual thoroughly before attending the course...epecially the new large game regs, diseases, parasites, gun law, etc.

    Do not assume that it'll be easy and everything will be covered during the course. i was surprised how many 'experts' and experienced stalkers failed on my course...mainly due to them not being prepared.

    Some folks try to memorise the questions and answers at the back of the manual. This seemed mad to me as there's about 250 of the buggers!

    Lastly, if you can - ensure your rifle is zero'd and practice on an actual Roe target at the distances 100, 60 & 40yds. Prone position, kneeling/sitting and standing with sticks. Use factory ammo if not a confident reloader. I'd spend at least a day practicing all 3 positions before attending the assessment....i almost screwed up because i made a crap batch of ammo. Thank god i could get a loan of some!

    Good luck, matey

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    Who would know what you are using? Just don't tell anyone?

  9. #9 of the assessors was a very knowledgeable bloke who even showed me what i had been doing wrong with my reloading.

    I'm saying nothing more

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm in Ayrshire for the exam. Unfortunately not had anywhere near as much time as I wanted to study... So it will be a few late nights for me this week....

    Good luck to everyone else taking it.


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