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Thread: A big congrats to DL on a great day out!

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    A big congrats to DL on a great day out!

    A big thanks to DL for the most enjoyable day Iíve had in a long time.

    So last Monday DL had invited me over to do a bit of stalking mixed in with some level 2 assessment. Now I must point out that DL said we might be in for a buck or two as there were a few about. We started off with the usual what you after what you got routine before the assessed stalk and off we went me in tow enjoying the new surroundings and watching out for deer.

    As soon as DL reached the first clearing there was a buck feeding away in the open about 60 yards away. This is after 5 minutes and 90 yards of stalking and the sun was a long way from breaking the horizon. DL was up on sticks nice and smoothly and ready to go and is seemed only like a few moments before the beast went broadside and boof down it went with a lovely shot. With a young 6 pointer in velvet on the ground it was all going great and the gralloch and questioning parts were smoothly done so it was a big tick from me.

    With the sun just up and the assessment job done DL put me up front and off we went but not for far. Only another 60 yards of stalking on and looking down onto a 4 acre meadow, two young bucks were messing about So in a carbon copy of DLís shot just I went up on sticks and boof down went number two with the pal bouncing off into cover. No sooner had we gone down and started the gralloch and only 5 minutes later DL says Ďthereís another oneí (I though he was talking the piss) and sure enough over the other side of the meadow the young buck had come back out and that made number three.

    There have been very few days where Iíve witnessed and the candidate has just gone and done the business like that. Most days out are a nice walk with a good bit of crack but the candidate doesnít get the shot. The day out with DL turns of those blank days right on its head where a candidate does the job then puts the witness up front for a beast so congratulations to DL for the best of days because thatís his level 2 done.

    Well done that man
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    Hello Paul, Thanks for coming along, I had a smile on my face well into the evening, sometimes stalking can be a bit slow, but not on this occasion!
    It is good to have another persons point of view, and to be able to pick up on hints and tips to make the job go as smoothly as possible.
    I had actually been dreading having a few blank outings, as my portfolio registraition will expire in about two months, so it was even more rewarding to get results when they counted.
    Good banter on the day, nice to see someone who takes their skills with a rifle seriously, and it just gets better ... I have a new rifle to blood, when my glass arrives.

    Come along for a blast again soon, Danny

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    Congratulations to both of you.

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    DL -

    If you chip little bits off of your deer magnet, you could sell them.
    KevinF -

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    Well done DL and nice to see Paul witnessing to do the write up.

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    Well done both of you on the shooting bit.
    Now the wait for the Assesor to phone. Only kidding i'm sure it will be fine.
    Good write up thourghly enjoyed it, nice when it all comes together

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    Hi DL,
    Its great when you have such a good outing and i am sure you will both remember it for a long time.

    Regards Dalkur

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    Aye, and they both passed their shooting test at my range day on Sunday.
    Paul was second on the day with 118/120 . DL tied with me on 113 .


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