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    Musto macnab

    Hi guys I'm in need of a new coat and like the look of the above, having never owned a musto jacket I was wondering what your thoughts on the macnab and musto in general are, breathability quietness for stalking etc. and also what the sizing comes up like is it generous just right or snug


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    I don't know about the Mcnab but I've had a Musto Highlander for approx 10 years and although it is now looking shabby due to the number of times it has been in the washing machine and the treatment it has got from me it is still totally waterproof.


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    Cheers that's what I like to hear! I do look after my jackets so expect them to last a long time

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    Hi, I've had the musto highlander coat and over trousers for about 7 years now and can't fault them, I use them on driven days as the highlander has a really good high collar that stops driving rain from running down the back of your neck when standing in the middle of a Field in November !! Not seen that coat yet but if it's musto you will not be disappointed you only get what you pay for.

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    Musto is nice stuff. I've got a highlander jacket that must be 15 years old now and is still my go to beating coat. Had a lot of their clothes over the years only because my uncle used to work for them and got a healthy discount and a few seconds! Sadly he's retired now. I don't know if their jackets are necessarily the best from a stalking point of view but I'm sure you'd be pleased with one .

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