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Thread: 30-06 Ackley Improved, Semi custom,

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    30-06 Ackley Improved, Semi custom,

    30-06 Ackley Improved, Semi custom,

    BSA action with a 26 inch (used to be 32") Madco match grade barrel on a Monte Carlo wooden stock, with an Incline match rail on top of action. Screw cut with thread protector and Muzzle break, built by Norman Clark for a friend of mine who I got it off about 18 months ago, extremely accurate set up. My mate could reliably shoot a 1/3 MOA group at 300m, (I’m not that good but can just about get shots touching (or near as damn it) at 200m with it)
    Barrel has had light use around 300 – 400 rounds being generous, fires a 150grn bullet at about 3050 fps.

    It does have one or two light scratches on the stock and barrel, but only cosmetic. I have never had a problem feeding rounds from magazine, which is a hinge plate (but has had a strong spring put in so I mainly use as an internal magazine and cycle rounds out when wanting to unload. (Internal mag holds 4 to 5 rounds)

    Because the barrel is so fat, you can not add an over the barrel sound mod (even if you take the rear bushing out). The recoil and muzzle flip is minimal due to weight, oh that’s another issue I do not recommend this rifle if you want to use it hill stalking, you will need a couple of ghillies carrying it for you. But if you are doing flat land stuff or high seat work and want a rifle which is very accurate and capable over distance. I recommend it, the only reason I’m selling is that I have progressed to a 300-win mag and with 3-4 other rifles in the cabinet I have to let this go.

    Redding FL reloading dies included and about 100 cases fire formed, and another 50 standard 30-06 cases. Warne 30mm mounts also included, (the Scope and Bipod in pics are not included)

    All for 550-,

    Face to Face or RFD transfer,
    I’m in Wiltshire

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have fired this set up on several occasions and I can say that it is an EXTREMELY accurate rifle.

    Very good buy for someone, If I hadn't got 300wsm plans I'd have it just for the crack!

    Good luck with the sale.


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    Any sensible offers considered.



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    Price drop to 450, before it gets chopped in,,

    As said before a great bit of kit.


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    As I still have this in the cabinet, its got to be worth a bump and a price drop to 350.



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    What does the beast weigh and what diameter is the barrel at the muzzle???

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    the weight shows on my larder scales as approx 4-4.5kg for just rifle and mounts. the barrel is threaded 1/2unf with a thread protector, at the muzzle with thread protector on the diameter is 21.75 mm (0.856") which is the narrowist point on the barrel.

    hope this helps,



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    Hi swede
    you have a PM

    all the best

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    Now Sold,

    Many thanks for all those interested


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